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  • CV, Lettre de Motivation

  • Rédaction d’une offre de services.


  • CV, Cover letter,

  • Writing a service offer



Une ou plusieurs séances de 1h en présentiel ou visio-conférence

Contactez Stamina pour savoir quelle est la solution adaptée à votre situation et obtenir un devis.

One or more sessions of an hour, face-to-face or video conference.

Contact Stamina to find the best solution for you and get a quote.


I truly enjoyed working with Ariane for my INSEAD GEMBA application process, including preparation for resume and essays.


I strongly recommend her to those applicants who are concerned about finding their unique stories, as she is definitely the best counselor who is committed to finding her clients’ uniqueness. Through casual conversations, Ariane picked up critical clues that I did not even notice, and helped me so many times to construct strong and appealing stories.


Besides, Ariane is a professional who never compromises the quality of a job. She always put her best effort to enhance every element of my whole application, and was willing to have discussions even in her busiest season, right before the application deadlines. Her dedicated support shaped me into a strong applicant, who got accepted from my dream schools in the end.


Ariane is a very cheerful counselor with whom you can always enjoy talking. Even though my application process was long and tough, she always encouraged me in a positive manner and made me feel relaxed enough to make breakthroughs. 


Finally, I appreciated that she gave direct feedback on my improvement/strength points so that we could work to achieve the most important thing: successful results! Working with her was very much a growth experience that I'll carry onto GEMBA and afterwards. 


I truly appreciate her coaching and would highly recommend her to anyone aspiring to grow and achieve a spot in his/her school of choice.


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