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Lycée en seconde ou première



  • Choix des enseignements de spécialité

  • Orientation post bac

  • Recherche de programmes, d’universités et d’écoles en France et à l’étranger 

  • Choix des deux enseignements de spécialité à conserver en terminale

  • Strong Interest Inventory SII® :
    quels sont vos centres d’intérêt ? Identifiez les grâce au SII.
    Quels sont ceux qui peuvent devenir un sujet d’études ?

grade 10

  • Choice of subjects HL & SL

  • Search of  study programs

  • School councelling

  • Search of universities in France, UK, Europe, Canada

  • Strong Interest Inventory SII®: what are you main areas of interest ? Identify them by taking the SII.



Une ou plusieurs séances de 1heure en présentiel ou visio-conférence.

Contactez Stamina pour savoir quelle est la solution adaptée à votre situation et obtenir un devis.

One or more sessions of an hour, face-to-face or video conference.

Contact Stamina to find the best solution for you and get a quote.


When I first got in touch with Ariane, I only had a vague idea of the studies I wanted to pursue. Our exchanges allowed me to fine-tune my plans: she provided me with relevant information, helped me find specific schools and programs, and my applications started taking shape when we determined the requirements of each school. This preliminary process, often rather tedious, was done efficiently thanks to our exchanges and her reactivity.

When we called, Ariane always asked the right questions to help me dig deeper into my thoughts and intentions. I had trouble kicking off and bringing out authenticity in my words when drafting my personal statement; Ariane energetically challenged and encouraged me, giving me the boost I needed to plough ahead. She was readily available and to the point when it came to working together. She helped me in preparing motivation letters, as well as the interview I went through for Imperial College; I have since received a conditional offer.

Ariane and I kept in touch all through the admissions process, and I knew I could contact her for advice at any time. Her experience proved to be invaluable, and I’m glad to have had Ariane by my side to face the usually dreaded applications.


Prior to attending these sessions and doing the test, I was extremely unsure of my strengths and how I could use them to narrow down my choices of careers to explore. However, within the first meeting with Ariane I was able to identify different activities I had done which had helped strengthen my character, which I had forgotten over the past few years. This further helped me develop ideas for my Personal Statement for the UK, which I was initially very apprehensive about writing. The test not only helped to solidify my interest in certain careers, but also opened up new options which I had never considered before. I would highly recommend these sessions and the test to anyone considering them, because it truly does alleviate a lot of uncertainty, and helps you consider exploring different options in college and beyond. 


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