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Choisir les universités et les programmes qui nous correspondent le mieux, en terme d’intérêts mais aussi de valeurs et de méthode de travail peut s’avérer très complexe et intimidant au premier abord. Ariane m’a apporté un soutien inestimable ainsi que de précieux conseils, et m’a rassurée dans le processus contre-la-montre et angoissant de l’élaboration de mon personal statement pour les universités anglaises. Elle m’a gentiment guidée et corrigée jusqu’à la dernière erreur, afin de m’aider à rendre un dossier dont je suis amplement satisfaite. Très professionnelle, Ariane est également attentionnée, à l’écoute, mais aussi très motivante, ce qui rassure beaucoup. Encore une fois, merci Ariane pour ta patience et ta sympathie !


Choosing your universities and the courses you wish to pursue are hard and important tasks. Ariane has helped me and has guided me in the process of choosing my universities and making the right choices. She also was a big help in the process of writing my personal statement and preparing me for my interviews. She advised me ideas and gave me every information I needed to know to be a great applicant. I believe that I would have not been able to write a personal statement as convincing as the one Ariane helped me write and that I would have not been as prepared for my interviews without her help. Other from being a big help, Ariane is pleasant to work with and always responds to any questions I have. If you are starting your applications and you need help, Ariane’s services is what you need!


Ariane helped me for my Masters applications. I graduated from the LSE so one might think that I should be confident in my abilities to write a personal statement. Ariane helped me. She is meticulous, dedicated and always available. She reviewed and improved my letters dozens of times both in French and English in a very short period of times. I could not have hoped to write a better cover letter and this is all thanks to Ariane. I am very grateful for her help. I will join one of the best business schools in France next year thanks to her. We are still in touch and I will keep coming to her for my next endeavors. I could not recommend her enough. 


Working with Ariane greatly helped me with my personal university and application preparation for the United Kingdom. Ariane provided me with extensive support on matters such as the Personal Statement, and continuously gave me meaningful feedback and suggestions for improvement throughout the application process. As a Cambridge applicant who had little to no experience of formal interviews, her coaching enabled me to grow in confidence and learn about myself and my own strengths, which was crucial for my interview. She was able to provide me with a very solid preparation and training to ensure that I was as successful as possible. I would highly recommend her guidance to anyone who seeks to apply for a competitive school or program.


Having the opportunity to work with Ariane really made the process of choosing a university easier. Through these sessions, Ariane guided me in defining better the different courses in which I would be interested, as well as the most relevant skills I could put forward as assets. I also had the chance to prepare an interview with her, which helped me gain confidence and assurance.

Finally, Ariane further helped me in reviewing my personal statement for the UK and making me realize what experiences were interesting to highlight. Therefore, I would highly recommend choosing Ariane as a mentor during the process of orientation.


I truly enjoyed working with Ariane for my INSEAD GEMBA application process, including preparation for resume and essays.


I strongly recommend her to those applicants who are concerned about finding their unique stories, as she is definitely the best counselor who is committed to finding her clients’ uniqueness. Through casual conversations, Ariane picked up critical clues that I did not even notice, and helped me so many times to construct strong and appealing stories.


Besides, Ariane is a professional who never compromises the quality of a job. She always put her best effort to enhance every element of my whole application, and was willing to have discussions even in her busiest season, right before the application deadlines. Her dedicated support shaped me into a strong applicant, who got accepted from my dream schools in the end.


Ariane is a very cheerful counselor with whom you can always enjoy talking. Even though my application process was long and tough, she always encouraged me in a positive manner and made me feel relaxed enough to make breakthroughs. 


Finally, I appreciated that she gave direct feedback on my improvement/strength points so that we could work to achieve the most important thing: successful results! Working with her was very much a growth experience that I'll carry onto GEMBA and afterwards. 


I truly appreciate her coaching and would highly recommend her to anyone aspiring to grow and achieve a spot in his/her school of choice.


Even though I decided to apply on UCAS two weeks before the deadline, Ariane was incredibly helpful : she succeeded in answering all my questions, and helped me through every step of the application. Thanks to her efficiency and her ability to make herself available (she checked my PS at least six times in a week !), we eventually managed to complete the whole thing in time, which I would never have been able to do without her help and understanding. 


J'ai travaillé avec Ariane à plusieurs reprises pour des lettres de motivation pour des stages et pour des écoles. Je ne suis pas très forte à l’écrit ; j’ai tendance à blablater et à faire beaucoup d’anglicismes. En travaillant avec Ariane, j’ai vraiment pu comprendre ce qui n’allait pas et surtout pourquoi. Ariane m’a franchement  aidée à écrire de très bonnes lettres. Ariane est hyper pro et hyper sympa, alors ca vaut vraiment le coup !


Après avoir étudié le journalisme pendant trois ans à la City University of London, en Angleterre, j’ai décidé de poursuivre mes études en obtenant un diplôme français. Je me suis donc lancée dans la procédure de demande d’admission du master de journalisme de Sciences Po. L’école m’a répondu après plusieurs semaines que ma candidature était retenue pour passer l’oral d’admission … Quatre jours plus tard. Après un léger moment de panique, j’ai contacté Ariane. Nous nous sommes appelées par deux fois pour de longs entretiens pendant lesquels Ariane m’a aidé à préparer mon oral, à anticiper les questions que le jury pourrait me poser, à préparer des réponses construites ainsi qu’une présentation courte et dynamique de mon parcours et mes ambitions professionnelles. Malgré un débouché non concluant, Ariane m’a beaucoup aidé à me préparer pour un oral difficile en seulement quelques jours, en posant les bonnes questions et en m’aidant à anticiper et ne pas paniquer.


Following my Bachelor at McGill University in Economics, the international admission to the French ‘Grande Ecole de Commerce’ was a period of continuous questioning about my professional project and my motivations. Full of good will, very flexible and receptive, Ariane was able to give me confidence and transmitted me a lot of energy during the preparation for admissions. Always benevolent, Ariane pushed me into my entrenchments. Ariane's method consisted in guiding me in the search for myself by asking the right questions during our talks of preparation by Skype - between Singapore and Montréal! I learned a lot about my convictions and my professional project. If this questioning is a bit laborious because it forces a self-confrontation, it allowed me to mature enormously and to gain in confidence!

What I learned thanks to Ariane:

1. Never invent a character! Always talk about real motivations. The authenticity of candidates is very appreciated!

2. Do not restrict yourself to what the jury wishes to hear! There is no need to be afraid of the content of the information transmitted during the interview; Talk about what really fascinates you, for my part: 'Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ’ by Giulia Enders! Diversity is highly valued!

3. Many other tips that I let you discover with Ariane!

Ariane’s advices have been very valuable to me and by applying them during my interviews I was admitted to HEC Paris, where I am currently part of the Master in Management Grande Ecole. I would recommend you Stamina and Ariane 100%!


Prior to attending these sessions and doing the test, I was extremely unsure of my strengths and how I could use them to narrow down my choices of careers to explore. However, within the first meeting with Ariane I was able to identify different activities I had done which had helped strengthen my character, which I had forgotten over the past few years. This further helped me develop ideas for my Personal Statement for the UK, which I was initially very apprehensive about writing. The test not only helped to solidify my interest in certain careers, but also opened up new options which I had never considered before. I would highly recommend these sessions and the test to anyone considering them, because it truly does alleviate a lot of uncertainty, and helps you consider exploring different options in college and beyond. 


Ariane helped me to write up my personal statement when applying to the Masters in Management of the top french business schools. I really valued her input as she was the one who made me understand the right frame of mind and attitude I had to adopt in order to sell myself on paper, to clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses and to justify them in an intelligent and mature way. Later one, Ariane was of great help when she helped me rehearse for the interview part of the admission process. This particular exercise revealed to be more challenging than I thought but with Ariane's help I was able to identify all the possible tricks that you could encounter during such an interview. By going through the many practice questions Ariane had compiled, I had all the elements to go in without being destabilized by my interviewers and this is probably what ended up being my biggest strength.


My experience with Stamina really helped me understand myself better, allowing me to choose a specific path for university. Ariane took the time to explain to me the possibilities of classes and universities, giving me in depth explanations of each. Because she put in the effort to know me, we were able to narrow down the options to what suits me best. This is a tough decision and all of the courses look intimidating and complex, but Ariane was able to simplify things for me. Because of her, I am a lot more knowledgeable, confident, and excited for my university adventures. I feel that I’m going to do great in school, and I have Ariane to thank for that!


Prior meeting in person with Ariane has allowed me to clarify my thoughts and test my motivation for the program which I applied. We did a rehearsal on Skype prior to the interview in real conditions, which was of great help for me. I was well prepared to answer to any possible question and was feeling confident when the interview arrived. My interview was successful and I recommend Ariane.


Stamina has allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and has been an important factor in determining my university destination. I cannot stress enough how much it has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my interviews. It has given me confidence as Ariane believed in me and taught me to believe in myself. I like how motivational and open Ariane was. What helped me a lot was that the work we did was one to one and it was focused on me. It helped us work much more effectively and in an organised way. All in all, the whole process allowed me to clearly visualise my goals and how to achieve them.

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