Find out your interests and discover paths to explore

Working on your next step

What are the options that should be explored? You have to make a choice for your studies, determine the areas of study that are appropriate for you. You have to apply for your first job or for a summer job. What are your interests? 

Take the strong inventory test

and you will find insights on these questions. How? By comparing your interests to the interests of people who enjoy their jobs… If you share common interests, you will likely find similar work or studies enjoyable.


One initial session of an hour and half before taking the test on your own.

Afterwards, one session to debrief


Any student aged 15 and above, students in Grade 11 or 12, 1ere and Terminale, graduated students


Initial session 1H30 + test on line + 1H30 debrief                                                              400 EUR

Initial session 1H30 + test on line + 1H30 debrief + 1H debrief with the parents           440 EUR

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